Reba & Crosby

What would you say?!?

We were stage left strong. And Stefan was Stoked. After mechanical delays and a really early start we made the Raleigh show.

After last nights great show with Everyday for an opener, Granny, the Stone, Crush, Rapunzel, Nancies, an energetic Sledgehammer, Ants and Grey St. We also had a crazy little group sitting around me let’s look back at the DMB map that I never sit down to complete.

  • PA
    • PIT  Three Rivers and PNC Park
    • BTown (Farm Aid)
    • PHL Mann and Wells Fargo
    • Chocolate Town (Farm Aid)
    • PSU
  • VA –
    • Charlottsville
  • OH
    • CLE The Gund and Blossom
  • NJ
    • Izod
    • Camden
  • NY
    • NYC  MSG and Central Park,
    • Canandaigua
    • BUF
  • MA
    • Fenway
  • IN
    • Deer Creek
  • IL
    • Wrigley
    • Northerly Island (Farm Aid)
  • WI-
    • Alpine Valley/East Troy
  • CA
    • UC Berkeley
  • NC
    • RDU  PNC and Walnut Creek
    • CLT
  • DC – RFK

A few photo’s from Walnut Creek


  • Dave and Tim at CMAC
  • The Mann
  • Alpine Valley far stage Left.


A mix of an old Raleigh and Alpine Valley.


Last but not least only in California do you get a special guest for The Maker.

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