So plans may have changed a bit?!?🕵🏼‍♂️

Sometimes things go exactly as planned.

Sometimes weather and rain can mess that up.

Sometimes human error plays into the issue.

No matter what the cause there is no reason to get all huffy puffy, but instead be grateful for the opportunity to count your dog bones and get more belly rubs.

  • Notify your move team and make sure they are aware of the date change.
  • Start packing things: Winter clothes, fall clothes, dress up clothes, blender, mixer and baking items,  sporting goods.
  • Start boxing and labeling items, so when the move happens you can put them in the  right rooms.
  • Create a paperwork box for any important papers that will be needed!
  • Continue boxing anything else that you can live without for two weeks.
  • Plan to keep only 4-5 days worth of clothes in your closet and repeat them until the move is complete.
  • Make sure prescriptions are left out an easily accessible.
  • Pack pots, pans, dishes, glasses, silverware leaving just enough to cook a single pan meal and be able to serve it on a plate.
  • Set aside the box of valuables and personal items that will be moved with extra personal TLC.
  • Pack a suitcase just like going on a two week business trip; focus on the necessary items needed to live two weeks on the road. This includes bathroom and gaming items.
  • Embrace this period to simplify life, before the chaos will begin.
  • Go to and put in the change of address. Also make sure banks, insurance and other companies have your new addy, especially
  • Update your move team with dates and times and items needed.
  • Confirm your moving equipment will be available on the move day and prepay any items that need to be.
  • Install the Jet’s Pizza or Five Guys app on your phone so you can keep your move team fed!
  • Review your final walk through check list to make sure those details are not forgotten during such a chaotic time. This is your one last chance to note any issues with workmanship, quality, or promised items are completed to standards.
  • Find a good day care for any dogs that are part of the move so their tail does not get permanently tucked between their legs.

Mr. Cain any thing else we overlooked?


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