Reba & Crosby

Squat on 5th Street!

Uncle Dave ditched us again. We heard he was having a look back day. If only he would have taken us to Fetch Fraternity in Franklin where we used to run in the snow and have  actual nap kennels to nap with our awesome beds after playing in the mud or snow. Good news is we hear that the Dog Stop has a lounge room. Next time we ask for it.

We will admit to looking back on our old house on 5th St where we stop and squat on our old front lawn every time we pass it.


Hey Leslie—>The boat is still floating somehow, despite all the debris that came down the Allegheny.

Home opener for the Crew! Who brings a Pittsburgh Beer to Columbus?

In the snowglobe that is Pittsburgh, we’ve had snow, sun, grey, snow, sun, grey, white out, and a light flurry all within 20 minutes. I’ve pulled this story from the Milwaukee happy news to reflect on the power of the shortest day of 2017. Hello longer days! Healium Hot Yoga friends!

In Pittsburgh we may have a back corner window on the 3rd floor for meditation, but when in Destin it usually is the beach with the waves crashing on the white sand.

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