Ruff, Ru!

We made you check into it. We are still waiting for our first Trumpy Bear Squeeky! We thought it would be in Farm and Fleet by now so we could have something that compared to the hedgehogs.

We both had our annual physical yesterday. Blood work was normal and so was that other sample they check!

Yes we are both getting older.

Despite jumping between Charleroi, Destin, East Brady and Aspinwall we lost weight. So all of you who thought we were getting our girlish figures back, it is true. We both dropped approximately 5 lbs. from last year, even with all the night-time cookies we shared with Elle. This makes the longer walks and trips up the staircase a little easier on our joints!

Thanks to chewing on everything our teeth are doing pretty well for our age.

Unfortunately doggy arthritis and temperature changes are just like in humans so this current winter weather really does make moving a whole lot tougher. It is also out with the old tag Day.

Yes, Crosby is a big chicken at the vet, you should see her squirm when it’s vaccination time.

Trumpy Bear! Trumpy Bear!

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