Trying to regroup.

The snow is melting, the rains are a coming and next we likely will be seeing more flood alerts on the Allegheny.

Reba and Crosby are waiting for the ice to melt on the old pavement so it’s safe to walk. Ryan even spent a day with us because of the timing of the last winter front that passed through Pittsburgh. He’s not a very good couch dog.

OK  so where do we begin? We barked at all of our neighbors since the dog to square mile ratio was 10 Times what it was in FLA. we saved a lot of barks for Duke our next door neighbor.

We already miss being snowbirds, walking on ice and on rock salt is not anywhere close to checking out the Preserve or strolling scenic 98.

We do not miss Elle alerting us when anything passed by the house, so we are nesting and napping a little more consistently now that we are back home. Now if only this ice would finish melting so we can get back to our longer walks.

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