We take a nap by the tree and dream of gingerbread men and sugar plum fairies.

First Reba would like to thank Aunt Fran for her ham induced coma. She had her share of spiral ham scraps after the humans finished their dinner spiral ham, mashed sweet potatoes, butternut squash and butter rolls. The humans loved the dinner also, so thanks from all if us.

Now some of the boys went out and did a full 18. once the fog lifted it was a great day to grip and rip on almost all of the tees.

What did you do on the shortest day?

find a snake on your walk?have a cold beverage with a Starbucks wrap? Not sure when they started this?

where did the cookies come from?

Did we mention this was our first view of the video? And the best of what’s around! #BOWA

Maybe even celebrate a Buckeye graduation.

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