We came down here to be snowbirds and not see any snow this winter. However prior to President Trump’s rally in Pensacola we are hearing rumors about snow coming. Destin should be snow free.  Not snow freeze. According to the nearby forecasts Mobile and parts of Alabama are likely going to have the freezing rain and snow that will cripple the roads.

Destin Weather Dec 8

Insert foggy photos of the Gulf of Mexico HERE-

We would expect this in Pittsburgh.

So why have we been so busy? Let’s see we met Emma Jean Gillingham all 83 years young flying from ECP to CMH for a wedding the same day as somebody’s birthday.

Then there may or may not have been a Penguin game and/or a trip to the river and/or Arrigo Stuffing making event. Let’s just say at the  pace of the last trip there has not been much time for reflection.


We did catch up with Anne, Jimmy and Nilla, with a detour to Piazza DaVinci. We even met the owner.


Yep Aiden is growing up quickly.

And the Pen’s still do the Kiss Cam.Guess where the cake was from? Or where we went to dinner.Yes the trees were barren in anticipation of the first snow of the year. We have lot’s of leaves on the shore.

And since the temperature has dropped we’ve had to search for a heated outdoor pool instead of having local polar bear swims. However it is not too cold to get us a bath. Now if only our Chewy would show up.

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