Reba & Crosby


First question- what’s the pronunciation?

Why this title? Some of you who grew up at 222 may recall when there was a petrol station and garage? Apparently between Clairton and Charleroi this must have been a common name.

Prior to my ECP-BNA-PIT I met 83 year old Emma Jean Smith-Gillingham. She was headed to CMH for a wedding near Zaneyville something Sheraden?

Emma likes to travel. She does not let any thanks to the USAF she has seen the world. Jean does not sand blow under her feet in Panama City. She flies to HI every year for an air force wives reunion.

dang I forgot to take a selfie.

Naked Kate

My naked blog, naked body and naked thoughts. This is the story of my adventures, philosophies and explorations while creating skinny dipping guide books.

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For over half my life I have suffered from either abuse, anxiety and/or depression. I am still alive due to having some great friends, who build me up and have stood by me even when I was lost.

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