After dinner last night we had a little conversation about why I HATE a certain big box store. My hatred of this store is so great that I generally have a mental block of its locations wherever I go. Even if my Google Map tells me its the closest store to me, I will generally do everything possible to avoid shopping at that store.

Why would I do something so un-American to avoid shopping at the store that touts it’s great pricing, commitment to American manufacturing and local jobs on it’s commercials? Especially since it is the one stop shop for everything from food to toys to clothes and is pretty much the same store even if you are in Pittsburg, Pittsburgh, Pawtucket, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Oakland or Montgomery?

I guess I could have titled this Charleroi, rejects the big box, but in being back in my hometown, I really see what the big box has done to main street. I don’t recall this being part of the campaign discussion when a candidate came to the old steel plants of Monessen but the two towns pretty much faced the same fate when manufacturing stopped in the valley and the big boxes were built off the interstate.

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