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Lunch with friends

In following the advice of the t-shirt of the day the humans both made lunch plans without us. One of them did a power lunch, the other one invited out a few old friends to fill them in on life over the past few years. The old friends are going through another big change in the work world as the M&A’s mean lots of system changes and even more organizational ones.

Enough with the work world; today was a chance to celebrate and share some of those fun stories. We even had two baby boys present. Thanks Helene for the nicknames.

Sometimes our author needs longer arms to fit everybody in a selfie.

Lunch was at the old PPGulf staple of San Remo’s on Market. The pizza is great and the calzones are big. Today’s choice was the hoagies. However they did not have the prosciutto hoagie. So we added the roasted red peppers to the turkey.

Since the selfie left out Helene- we found a lady on the street to capture our outing. You can even see the Tim Shaw inspired t-shirt. This is his motto now! He has We Are Penn State nation and the Tennessee Titans behind him.

Oh Helene said to tell Franny she said HI.

We walked Schenley Park this morning before the humans left us. Next up is Linds.

We are ready to cover her in our fur.

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