The rains have lifted and the sun has returned to paradise in time for the longest day of the year.

We are making this announcement to remind everybody what summer means:

We really are encouraging you to comment and help tell the story especially if you are in one of these pictures. Yes there may be a few extra selfies and yes they may be from last summer, two summers ago or whenever it looks like summer.


Let’s start off with a shot from The Ohio State Fair.


Jumping Juneau, what’s this in a park in 2 2photo 3 2

Happy Cuddle’s feeling the wind in her pointy ears.img_1251

A trip to the beach is only complete with a sandcastle.img_7177


Summer in the San Francisco Bay!




Let’s go fishing in the Allegheny.img_2748

Even if it was March, I’m not sure Hoover Dam is the place to be this time of year.img_1356

The ultimate summer road trip vehicle.Placeholder Image


dp7And yes this was exactly one year ago this week. The NPC Brew City.


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