Reba & Crosby

Rain day.

We are visiting Elle.

Elle was unable to keep the rain bands from Tropical Storm Cindy away. From the time we landed it’s been a steady stream of rain. Add in the early morning tornado warning and we are up and down dogs. Oh and the down dog is not in yoga terms.

NOAA Destin062017

Elle instructed us that our number one goal for her is to get her back on the training program to be a top dog in the neighborhood. She also said that we were in charge of party planning over the next few weeks. Talk about pressure, no daily walks, quick potty trips in between storm bands and now we are party planners. Rumor has it somebody wore his party shirt. 

Guess it’s time to nap on it. 

We did work on our hotel points as the Hoover LaQuinta greeted us with their gold level service. However they didn’t give us cookies at check in. We weren’t sure Nashville would appreciate Crosby coming back to town after hoisting the Art Ross Trophy. 


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