A Tail of 2 River Towns

Take a walk with me around town. What do you see?

If we are walking around Charleroi you will see the houses on the lower street in need of a lot of love. You will have a mixture of rental units and single family homes. The average house is around 100 years old and most of them were last updated during the Reagan administration. Alleys have garages that are collapsing and weeds all around. Only one of the parks in town still has a basketball hoop and all of the tennis courts are no longer playable. The riverfront is still controlled by only a few owners and completely off limits to the general public. There is no talk of a new park or a Mon-River Trail.  Most of the council people have trouble seeing the town for anyway other than what it once was. . .

During our long drive from Florida back to Charleroi we listened to Cory Booker on The Tim Ferris Show. Cory tells about his first interactions while living in public housing in Newark. One of the ladies opened his eyes to all the possibilities if he could see beyond the blight.


Cory Booker — Street Fights, 10-Day Hunger Strikes, and Creative Problem-Solving

  • “I’m not here to help; I’m here to learn.” Cory talks about the challenges of trying to make changes in Newark as an outsider. [53:58]
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