There’s something happening here!

​And it’s not in the way DMB improved on Jimi Thing in the Central Park Show way back when. Props to anybody who can name who went to the show with Uncle Dave.

Kool Kat is older than that and Les is trying to figure out if somebody had a crush.

Once upon a time uncle Dave played soccer for a team called the Cougars. During that time he had a stopper named Mark. Mark is living somewhere in Canada now!

Mark once was a drummer in a Pittsburgh band. That band’s lead singer is now selling real estate. In the funny world of Pittsburgh where there are only 2 degrees of separation, unlike the 7 in the Kevin Bacon game*, it turns out that our agent from the last Awall house is connected to Kelsey! Please enjoy this video first!

So lets recap the last 7 days! It has been very difficult for the four of us to be completely present since the big day! Oh wait that was only 2 weeks ago. Talk about the
“Celebrate We Will”, today gave a new meaning to it!

  • April 29 – Beach Day near the Crab Trap and pack up the car to head to PA.
  • April 30 – One long drive! Nautical Ct to Fallowfield Ave.
  • May 1 – Pens vs Caps for the boys, back to work.
  • May 2 – First T ride to work in the big city, first dog walk on the Montour Trail
  • May 3 – Cut the Seybertown grass, view our first house in Awall in over a month.
  • May 4 – Request a 2nd showing on that same house in Awall. Lunch to review. 
  • May 5 – Celebrate we will!   The next great adventure is set in motion. A little green chef for dinner. 
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DMB Central Park Lyrics- Jimi Thing

2 responses to “Kool Kat”

  1. Lindsey Avatar

    Yippie does not look like she is celebrating. She’s being a party pooper.

  2. Aunt Barb Avatar
    Aunt Barb

    Congrats! Celebrate lots of new beginnings.

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