We are well traveled dogs!

Thanks to all the human excitement coming up next week, Uncle Dave packed us in the car and gave us a quick tour of West Virginia, Virginia, Eastern Tennessee and a whole lot of Alabama. We met lots of nice dogs at our hotel in Hoover, AL where they were getting ready for their kennel club show. Let’s just say Crosby didn’t like all of the dogs who didn’t respond to her bark.

The sunshine is awesome, but we may need a puppy cut and de-shedding treatment to adjust to this weather change.  In fact we heard a rumor that Reba has already been booked for Monday. If she’s ever going to swim this is the time to do it.

While this may be from the west coast, remember to ask about this experience. . . 

Our walks have been quick and early to avoid the heat.

We don’t get to walk the beach.
Let us know where this is located!
Hello allergy season.
While not the green plate, blue chef or whatever it is a bit paleo.

We love playing with Elle, even if she doesn’t walk in a straight line. Puppy play is ON! Ask Crosby how it feels to be smothered by the paw.

Hmmm. Not sure what the following is all about, but in case anybody wants their own copy here’s the images!


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