Not sure what you are thinking but we heard the countdown to our next road trip is on. 

Our scribe has been slacking on us lately as he was closing out his Milwaukee chapter. OneJet up. 

And SWA back  

Crosby has been a little uppity since that meant a slight role reversal. 

Oh regarding MKE our human dined in a real supper club.  

And worked out at Marquette since it was closer to work.  Crosby even made it to the gym. 

Meanwhile our other human held down the fort and gave us lots of love as we enjoyed Porch daze last week. With March starting at 60 degrees and a Crosby keeping watch of the parking lot we heart mom. 

The warmth has been replaced by snowy winter walks this week. We forgot to take icicle pictures from the Youghagheny River Trail Sunday morning but we really had Les on a Reba pace. 

Look at our new toy. 

Stock photo, imagine icicles. 

BTW Franco, Fetterman and Act 47 are hoping to turn an old brownfield in Braddock to a grow house. Watch it on KDKA.

2 responses to “It’s on”

  1. Whitney Avatar

    I love their little coats! 🐕💛

    1. dpankiewicz Avatar

      Hey have you seen the artsy photos? Dave n Tim in less than a month.

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