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Let’s call this Dog Stop day to play with old dog friends and our human watchers. It was almost too hot to play as the temperatures hit almost 60 degrees. YES it’s February 11 in the ‘burgh and Punxsy Phil saw his shadow. We made Uncle Dave turn the AC on for the drive home to Magic Town.

Meanwhile he ran in a fundraiser for NF.

A bit more on what Uncle Dave was doing yesterday:

The fundraising event is called Cupid’s Undie Run. Yeah, it’s just like it sounds. I’ll be running around… in public… in my undies… in the middle of February.

I’m doing this because I just learned about kids who are born growing tumors all over their bodies. Tumors that are causing blindness, deafness, severe pain, learning deficits and in some cases malignant cancer. That is not ok!

…so I’m on a mission to get some “exposure” for research for this disease “NF”.

Funds raised will go toward research through the Children’s Tumor Foundation, who are already in the process of shrinking these tumors! (No kidding, check this out.)

A real live band. Yes the Pittsburgh event blew the Milwaukee event out of the water. Crazy T-shirts, full buffet, Pittsburgh POLICE and FIRE providing a safe running route over the Clemente Bridge and back.

Someone flipped from picture to live picture.

And yes there were puppies.

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