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Dirty dogs

Dear dog owners who read our blog thank you for helping our humans find the fastest bath service ever!  We are no longer dirty and the process was very quick and painless. Even for Cuddle’s nails. Yes they cut her nails and gave her a bath with a deshedder.

Jen thanks for turning us on to your puppy place. We were contemplating the place in Lover, however our humans have had an unpredictable schedule lately. The whole 7 day a week thing made this place awesome for us. It also helped that Paula and Denny were just down the road.

Lind’s they have pictures of us on facebook.

We will keep this open as we  are still in search of a Vet and Doggy Day Care.

  • Groomer.  We are dirty after all the traveling and walking. Especially after being on the GAP Trail.
  • Vet. We like East End, but living in Charleroi is a haul in a car from east end.
  • Doggy Day Care. Cuddles needs to play with other dogs. The humans she has met are great but I need to play. We love the DOG Stop but again 60 minutes in a car is too much.

Please give us your recommendations. Sincerely,

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