I guess some of you may say this blog has gone to the dogs, but as our two ladies become senior citizens in dog years we’ve had to adjust our travel to accomodate their routines.

Prior to our road trips here are some of our favorite moments of our first trip in our dog lives to Florida. 

Reba on the dock taking in November sun. This isn’t my Wisconsin deck but it will do. Where’s all the water?!?! What’s a drought? I’m camping out with my cousins and taking over Elle bed. Remember when big hugs were plastic juice jugs?uncle Dave is going to get it for this picture but Les and Linds ruled the kitchen   Real live squeaky below. 

Thanks to Reba we’ve realized Nashville, TN is a good overnight stop. Having a stretch goal to drive more than half way on one day is not preferred as it will mess up either breakfast or dinner time.

Crawling on the interstate between Chicago and Indianapolis is not fun and can turn into a huffy puffy event. Taking back roads like Stateline Rd is preferred.


Crosby is looking for Elle smidgeons on her meals and we are trying to explain to her that only on vacation does she get yummies added to her food bowl.

It was back to the regular routine this morning- no need to tandem leash with Elle for Crosby and no walking breaks from Reba.

Thanks to all for the great dog hospitality.

We were sniffing the leftovers. 

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