Starting this one after going to hot yoga last night. This is definitely a brainstorm on how to go from doggie corpse pose to apply it to the world of business and making money.

Siri was not up for taking notes this morning and my One Note decided to not like me either, so you poor readers of the site get a new blog.

On my yogic note it has been a few months since my last sweat session. Between WIAA Boy’s Soccer season and getting things market ready I’ve not really made time for my down dogs.

Reflecting on last nights discussion it brought me back to the challenge on creating a culture of wellness with limited financial resources and a mentality that it is not part of how we work. The old its not in my bucket so why should I worry about it approach.

Wellness and midfullness are really a one and same approach.

Doing any change, in any large organization calls into question both the physical and mental aspects of the people in the organization.

Whether you are selling widgets, newspapers, homes, whatever the biggest challenge is creating a connection.

If your organization is too busy being busy do you really have time to listen?

Ok so the problem statement:
Drew some parallels between PpG and what my friend was going through. While she works for a privately held company they tend not to experience change frequently
Her challenge is to talk about being mindful during a transitional period.
Current state of the company now has limited wellness and change management programs.

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