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We are looking for storytellers to the pictures. 

In doing a little cleaning we found the following. Uncle Dave normally is the one to tell you what is going on with us. He’d like to turn the tables on all you readers. Use the reply button and tell us your story to this memorable event.

An example of this type of story would be:

It was a cold and rainy March evening, when on our way to go visit my new baby brother  Uncle Joe hit the infamous Pittsburgh Pot-hole on PA885 right by the Allegheny County Airport. So much for going right to Magee to see him and mom when we had to get the tire fixed. Definitely a not so simple trip to Pittsburgh from the Mon Valley. Eventually we made it, but to this day the Pot-hole still sticks out. 

Linds, we do not expect any story from you on this one since it was before your time.

Aunt Jayne please help us with a story from Granny.

Who took this upside down image?

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